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Harvest a City!

Our Commitment Statement

4City, which is close in pronunciation to “فرصتي” (my opportunity) in Arabic, is a crowdfunding microfinance platform that is committed to creating opportunities and fostering prosperity in cities. Our mission is to bridge the gap in access to financial services, particularly for underserved populations, by leveraging the power of crowdfunding.

At 4City, we aim to create a fair and inclusive environment where individuals can access capital based on their potential and aspirations. Our platform operates on principles of transparency, accountability, and responsible lending. We carefully assess loan applications, offer fair interest rates, and provide ongoing support to borrowers throughout their journey.

With a deep commitment to social and economic progress, 4City strives to foster sustainable development, create employment opportunities, and alleviate poverty in the cities we serve. Together, let’s unlock opportunities, empower individuals, and build prosperous cities.


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