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Youth Representatives Elections

Youth representatives elections

Youth representatives elections

Empowering Syrian Youth: The Young Voices Project Driving Positive Change


In the world of global development and policy-making, the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda has illuminated the crucial role of youth participation in shaping policies that directly impact their lives. This visionary agenda recognizes young people as active agents of change and vital contributors to their own development and that of society at large. However, the gap between this vision and reality persists, with many policies affecting young people emerging without their input or participation.

The “Young Voices Project” represents a collaborative initiative between Door Beyond War, Youth for Change Network, and the SGB-Bremen Organization. This project embodies the UN’s vision by empowering Syrian youth and promoting their active involvement in peacebuilding and decision-making processes.

Equipping Syrian Youth

Training for Change The journey of Syrian youth in the “Young Voices Project” begins with a transformative 10-day training program. This program equips them with essential skills and knowledge, including:

  1. Listening Campaigns and Participatory Need Assessment: Empowering them to listen to their peers and communities effectively.
  2. Community Organizing and Parliamentarian Affairs: Building their capacity to mobilize communities and engage with parliamentary processes.
  3. Dialogues and Debates: Developing their abilities in constructive dialogue and debate as tools for change.

Defining Needs and Priorities

Voice of the Youth: Armed with their newfound skills, the youth leaders dive into practical application. They initiate listening campaigns and participatory need assessments to accurately identify the needs and priorities of young people in the North-West of Syria (NWS). This data becomes the foundation for the project’s future actions.

Formulating Thematic Programs

Collaboration in Action: Youth leaders facilitate dialogues among their peers to analyze the findings of listening campaigns. These collective efforts lead to the formulation of seven thematic programs designed to address the pressing concerns and aspirations of NWS youth.

Active Participation in Debates

Engaging the Youth: Youth leaders actively participate in debates alongside representatives from Community-Based Organizations (CBOs). These debates provide a platform for discussing and refining the thematic programs.

Elections for Youth Representatives

Direct Decision-Making: To ensure direct youth involvement in decision-making, elections are held to select youth representatives aligned with the thematic programs. These representatives will play a pivotal role in advocating for youth voices.

Grassroots Democracy in Action

Youth-Led Elections: The “Young Voices Project” exemplifies grassroots democracy as the youth take charge of the election process. They determine criteria for nominees and representatives, conduct their campaigns, and form coalitions and election lists, underscoring their commitment to genuine democratic processes.

Thematic Debates

Deepening Understanding: The youth engage in debates focused on thematic areas, allowing them to articulate their positions, listen to opposing views, and refine their ideas.

Informed Decision-Making

Data-Driven Policies: To inform their campaigns and policies, the youth conduct opinion polls as part of the project. They collect and analyze data, ensuring that their platforms align with the real needs and desires of their peers. Young voters independently make their decisions and cast their votes based on the candidates’ electoral programs. They are also well-informed about the results of the opinion polls and debates conducted by the candidates.

Competitive Collaboration

Balancing Competition and Cooperation: Throughout the process, the youth engage in friendly competition while fostering a spirit of collaboration and mutual support. This blend of competition and cooperation creates a dynamic and engaging process.

A Neck-and-Neck Race

Empowered Engagement: The closely contested elections underscore the vigor and engagement of all participants. Importantly, the project ensures gender inclusivity, with both males and females participating without the need for quotas.

Success Stories

Behind the Scenes: Dedicated volunteers play critical roles in managing the election process. These volunteers, from diverse backgrounds including lawyers and members of the MENA Coalition of Youth Peace and Security, hail from both Syria and abroad. They form three committees: the Election Management Committee, the Appeal Committee, and the Observation Committee, ensuring the process’s integrity.


Empowering Future Leaders The “Young Voices Project” illustrates how empowered youth participation can lead to transformative change. By equipping Syrian youth with knowledge, skills, and platforms to voice their concerns and aspirations, this initiative embodies the essence of the UN’s 2030 Agenda. As young people continue to prove themselves as dynamic change-makers and valuable contributors to policy development, projects like these serve as a testament to the importance of youth engagement in shaping a brighter future for all. The project’s emphasis on grassroots democracy and informed decision-making ensures that the voices of Syria’s youth are heard loud and clear.

In the “Young Voices Project,” youth aren’t just participants; they are architects of their own future.